The Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission wanted to rebrand Translink, their electronic transit fare payment system. The Frog identity evokes the easy nature of hopping on and off public transportation without having to worry about paying at every stop. Credit: Swirl
CalVista was created as a brand for a new strain of grapes for the California Table Grape Commission. The CalVista logo was designed to evoke the old-world craftsmanship that many of their small-scale farmers embodied. Credit: Swirl
The California Table Grape Commission had new strains of grapes and wanted to brand them for the grape industry. We designed SolBella to call to mind the plump and juicy fruit it represents. The brand is sophisticated yet approachable. Credit: Swirl
The Paisley Byrd is a vintage-inspired clothing company.
PayCycle, Inc. is a start-up that provides online payroll services to small businesses. They wanted to appear approachable, while having the stability and credibility of an established company. We created a mark that represents their partnership with their clients and the cyclical nature of business and payroll. Credit: Swirl
Cento is coffee roaster and a vintage scooter-themed coffee shop in San Francisco.
National Nurses United was created to represent the union that give a voice to nurses. Credit: Altitude
Genuine Nannies is a childcare provider matching service. Credit: Altitude